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Want to lead with your soul-driven work?

Then, it’s time to align with your intuition and rebel against the parts of yourself getting in the way!

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Rebel Soul Circle

 Own your calling!

This is the official gathering place for those who are ready to walk their path and answer their deeper calling. This is the space for YOU if you want to deepen your connection with intuition and share the soul-driven work (or practice) you know YOU are meant to share.

Feeling a bit disconnected from your intuition?

Learn a simple way to ground and reconnect with your intuition in 5 easy steps (and in less than an hour).

Before you dive in, here’s a bit about me

I’m Michelle Currie M.Ed, and I’m the Founder of Rebel Soul Circle. As an Intuition Mentor and healing arts practitioner since 2006, I’ve been helping women within corporate and private settings align with their intuition, courage, and voice.

I believe we are all born with intuitive and psychic abilities meant to help us connect and live in harmony with self, one another, and the planet. I love exploring ancient ways of connecting with Earth and spiritual guidance.

Through in-person sessions and my signature program, I guide women who are ready to (re)connect deeply with their intuitive gifts and get clear and confident about how they’re here to lead. I have also written for and been featured in publications like Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, and Canadian Living.

Where you can find me

my work

Lead with your council program

Gain a deeper sense of direction, clarity, connection, and purpose

The Lead with Your Council (LwYC) program was created to help you answer your calling in an aligned way. You learn the tools and framework needed to trust your intuition, your work, and yourself as you take each step towards your big vision.

As an Intuitive Mentor with a background in Adult Education and energy medicine, I draw from science and spirituality to connect you with your spirit guides and leave you with tools to move forward in alignment with your soul-driven work!

IF YOU are a healer, transformational leader, mentor, and one who holds space for others

And, you also
✔️ Are an action-taker who is ready to break through the fear
 ✔️ Are *so done* with hiding the message you are here to share⠀
✔️Want to quickly and deeply connect with your *own* intuition 
✔️ Want to connect with your spirit guides to feel supported but also feel like you’re part of something bigger⠀

LwYC might be the way for you to move forward + answer your calling

Maya Zaido testimonial

Maya Zaido, writer & artist

“This is a kickass masterclass that I highly recommend for anyone who works with spirit guides and/or ancestors during this radically changing time in our world.

Whether you are a novice or guides have been alongside you in your work, Michelle knows how to meet you where you’re at in learning + growing. You will emerge from this class strengthened in your own inner knowing + unique way of working with your council.”

Amie Ritchie testimonial

Amie Ritchie, coach

“The permission to rest and relax around it all felt strong. I also met my very real need to do more communing with my guides. This was a concept I had never truly placed within my own practice and now through Michelle’s guidance, I can do so. And more than that, do so in a way that feels accessible.

I think [meeting my guides] has always felt like a fear. Not wanting to open that door for fear of the unwell guides/ancestors who may be around. I don’t feel as worried about that. I feel curious and empowered. And playful too.”

Amanda Ingram-Scott

Amanda Ingram-Cotton, Coach

“I was hoping to get answers about my business and learn how to communicate with my spirit guides.
[I learned that] I didn’t need all of the answers and to let go of trying to control everything. I also learned a ton about how to connect and receive messages. I have already put in place what I have learned through journaling and [Michelle’s 4-step] method.”
The why behind it all

My mission

Who my work is for

A large part of my mission is working with people who own their calling and are committed to doing the work they feel they’re here to do in this lifetime. These are the people who are strongly driven to help others feel fulfilled, powerful, and free. They’re driven to make a big impact with their gifts, voice, and knowing. They want their work to be their legacy.

My work is to connect them with their spirit guides, so they can take action from a deep, aligned place. It’s from that deep aligned place, that they’re able to gain a deeper sense of clarity, direction, connection, and purpose.

It’s from that deep aligned place that they’re able to see light and shadow, which makes their work more impactful, grounded, and transformative.

Why I do what I do

My big Why has many layers…

It’s important for me to be a positive role model for my son and to show him that he can live a fulfilling life.

It’s important for me to show other healers, leaders, and mentors that their soul-driven work matters and that they are more powerful than they realize.

On a grander scale, I aim to create a community of space holders who are committed to changing how we connect and heal, so we can move forward as a species and planet in a more harmonious direction.


Grounding is the first step to intuition.

Learn a simple way to ground and reconnect with your intuition in 5 easy steps (and in less than an hour).


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