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I’ve got a crystal! now what?

Gathering of Stones is a 4-week online introductory journey exploring the language of crystals and how they speak specifically to you. I’ll be sharing practical and mystical ways to use your crystals. You’ll leave this course with a sense of how to use your crystals and stones with more confidence, ease, and intention. 

Join us March 16-April 10. Only 12 spots open!

Registration closes Mar 12th

My journey with stones…

I’ve been an energy worker and have connected to crystals for around 12 years, but my most recent healing journey brought the power stones back home to me.

In the summer of 2018 (on my birthday, actually), I gave birth to my son. I was elated and happy to be a parent but I felt…off. I felt like I’d completely lost touch with who I was, what brought me joy, and was overcome with anxiety 24/7. Not only was I coping with Postpartum Depression, but I was also caregiving for my husband, which was even more challenging with a newborn.

I needed something to help realign me with my desires, body, and power. So, I put it out to the Universe to show me how I could heal and align myself.

Following the breadcrumbs of my own divine guidance, Tarot practice, and intuition, I was brought back to stones. And, the difference was this time round, my experience with stones felt more potent. I was able to understand and feel the energy of stones more deeply.

Now, I use them in my reiki practice, my personal wellness practice, make crystal jewelry, and experience them as beings with language.

They are tools I use to connect with Earth’s ancient wisdom and to tune into my divine guidance. They share their wisdom with me daily.

And, now I share their wisdom with you as guide and facilitator.

“I looked forward to new info each week.”

Gathering of Stones is fun, manageable, and powerful!

If you’re drawn to crystals but want to know how to use them, why to use them, and when to use them, Michelle has you covered.

Dottie Reynolds

Michelle is a masterful, powerful, kind and intuitive teacher. She has taken an area of shame that I have had, held my hand and shown me another way…forward. The only direction I care to move towards.

- Tanya Geisler

Michelle presents the material in a clear, concise way. The lessons are not overwhelming to wade through, but feel manageable and easy to fit into a busy day. It’s also a fun course to take. I looked forward to the new information each week.

- Victoria Wells

And, now the course details…

What we’ll be exploring:

Here are some of the topics included

  • Choosing and getting to know your crystals 
  • Creating simple crystal grids
  • Getting unstuck using crystal guidance
  • Building a simple crystal healing routine
  • Taking care of and maintaining your crystal collection


Video lessons delivered via email each week.
There will also be weekly worksheets and fun group challenges for each topic. 

Who is this for?

This journey is this for those who are:
  • Tired of secretly think, “WTH am I suppose to do with this crystal?!”)
  • Lightbearers, Starseeds, healers, and/or soul-seekers curious about crystal beings 
  • Making space in their lives to honour and listen to their intuition
  • Ready to re-ignite or deepen their connection with Self, other, and the Divine
  • Willing to devote at least 10-min a day to connect with their crystal(s) and/or Self

What’s the investment?

The investment to join us on this 4-week exploration of stones is $150. 
Once registration payment is received, you will be added to my email list for this course. 

 Wanna add a crystal kit?

Enhance your experience with some Reiki and sound attuned crystals
For an extra $20, you’ll receive a surprise item and a set of 5-7 stones intuitively chosen by Michelle to work with during our Gathering. Includes shipping costs to US and Canada.
Stones vary in size. Shipping time average is 6-21 business days

by the way. Have we met?

your leading mage, Michelle.

Michelle Currie M.Ed, is a professional intuitive, spiritual teacher, and healing arts practitioner. Since 2006, she has been helping women within corporate and private settings align with their courage, inner knowing, and voice.

Michelle believes we are all born with intuitive and psychic abilities meant to connect us to our divine sovereignty and help us live in harmony with self, one another, and the planet. She loves exploring ancient ways of connecting with Earth and spiritual guidance.

Through in-person workshops, crystal reiki sessions, and online group programs, she guides healers who are ready to (re)connect deeply with their intuitive gifts and get clear and confident about how they’re here to lead. She has also written for and been featured in publications like Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Canadian Living, and Alive magazine.