Meet Your Council Masterclass

Clarity, confidence, and a sense of direction in 5 days


Connecting with your intuition and spirit guides is easier than you think!


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what if you had a simple way to connect with your intuition and spirit guides on a regular basis?

Meet Your Council Masterclass is a 5-day training for those who are feeling called to show up now and share their healing work but are feeling blocked and confused about their intuitive guidance.

Learn the framework I’ve created to help you gain the intuitive connection and clarity you need, when you need it.

Now for my first confession…


Connecting with intuition in a deeper way feels…uncomfortable.  

And, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, confused, or lost, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Let me explain.

Connecting to my spirit guides is something I do every day. It’s something I enjoy doing for myself and others, and it’s also something that helps me ground when I’m too much in my own head.

But, it wasn’t always comfortable.

Even though I’d been connected to my intuition since I was a young child, trying to connect with spirit guides filled me with a lot of fear. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and I was also afraid of who or what I might be connecting with.

I tried to step away from it time and time again, but I just kept getting the feeling that I needed to do this to open up something even more powerful within myself.

And, that scared me too. Who would I become? What would I be obligated to do? What would I have to boldly declare…like, out loud…to actual people?!

And, on top of that fear was...adulting!

If I had to sum up how I was feeling in my life and business, I’d say I was feeling stressed, confused, and blocked. I was dollars away from maxing out my credit card, 36 years old trying to start a family, and didn’t want to burnout but could feel my energy dipping. I was running out of time to figure this shit out.

My doubt spoke as loudly (and convincingly) as my heart and brain when it came to guidance about my next step. My ability to listen to my gut felt completely blocked, and so I stopped trusting whatever guidance was trying to come through.

What I was really yearning for was to feel clear about my place in the Universe, calm knowing I AM doing my most powerful soul work, and confident about sharing my voice and gifts.

You know that feeling?

From the perspective of my clients and students, I was making an impact! On paper, I was aligned. But, I just felt like there was something more, and I would never be able to figure out what bigger purpose was calling me unless I connected with a higher form of guidance.

Clarity comes with the courage to say YES

I was at the end of the rope. It was now or never time.

So, I decided yes. It felt like the most ‘out there’ thing I’d ever done, but I was going to connect with my spirit guides!

Which brings us to here and now.

It took me years to actually say YES to step into this work and role. And, the time is now, for many of us.

Not only do I feel clear and calm, I also feel confident about sharing this information with you and other healers who are feeling the call to lead and share their voices at this time. 

Are you feeling the call too?

This Masterclass is an opportunity to meet your Council in a safe and supportive environment guided by someone who connects with Councils on a regular basis!


And, now the Masterclass details…

[I have an] increased awareness of how often I am in connection with my council.

Karen Hicks

[Meet Your Council was an affirmation that] my guides are always there and WANT to offer support just waiting to be asked!

Lisa K.

I experienced an awareness of messages being sent and a decrease of the stress of needing to know everything right now.
Amanda Ingram-Cotton

We’ll be meeting from April 20-24

In addition to my 4-step Meet Your Council process, here other topics we’ll be exploring

How you best receive spiritual guidance

Techniques to encourage clear intuitive messages

A quick way to ground and clear energy to remove intuitive blocks
The most powerful message you need to know at this point of your journey as a healer

Dates and time

The Masterclass trainings will occur everyday via Zoom from April 20-24 at 11am EST 

Live sessions

You’ll receive a 45-minute live training for each step of the process

Live Q&A

Trainings will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A to clear any fogginess and  solidify the material

three month access

You’ll receive a replay of each masterclass and will have access the trainings for 3 months. 

“I feel more hopeful about my path.”  ~Helen Tremethick

Who is this for?

This training is for:
  • Healers, leaders, and space-holders who are ready to (re)connect with their spiritual guidance and leadership
  • Healers ready to step into their powerful soul work by share their voices and gifts
  • Healers who know they’re here to make an impact and move our species/planet in a more harmonious direction

Who is this not for?

This training isn’t for:
  • People in crisis mode (shelter, safety, and food will always trump this training)
  • People who are not open to other ways of being or thinking
  • People who want to gather information but have no interest in taking action
  • People who want to hide or stay within their comfort zone

by the way. Have we met?

your guide and leading mage, Michelle.

Michelle Currie M.Ed, is a professional intuitive, spiritual teacher, and healing arts practitioner. Since 2006, she has been helping women within corporate and private settings align with their courage, inner knowing, and voice.

Michelle believes we are all born with intuitive and psychic abilities meant to connect us to our divine sovereignty and help us live in harmony with self, one another, and the planet. She loves exploring ancient ways of connecting with Earth and spiritual guidance.

Through in-person workshops, crystal reiki sessions, and online group programs, she guides healers who are ready to (re)connect deeply with their intuitive gifts and get clear and confident about how they’re here to lead. She has also written for and been featured in publications like Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Canadian Living, and Alive magazine.