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You’re probably here because…

You’re feeling a bit stuck…ok, really stuck…about a situation in your life, relationships, or career and are having trouble tapping into your own intuition for a clear guidance.

You already know that things don’t feel quite right.

What you’re seeking is

  • Clarity about what you’re already feeling intuitively (giving it words)
  • Clarity about what is blocking you and how to align more deeply with what you desire
  • A step-by-step plan to move forward feeling motivated and connected with your inner knowing

The Soul Alignment session is an intuitive card reading to help you align with what you desire on a soul level!

Alignment, clarity, and action steps in 30 minutes!

Nicole Stetz

I had a 20 minute voice chat with Michelle and it started my week off on the perfect note! She was insightful and encouraging and connected clearly with my guides. She got me to ask an open ended question, helped me fine tune it for my highest and greatest good and we were off! She really dove into what I needed to shine my light and be truly happy with my choices (my question was about a choice I needed to make).

Her and the guides encouraged me to show up and do some work which I always enjoy and need to do. I look forward to a full reading with her but even 20 mins for a woman on the go like me was amazing and so very supportive! Thanks Michelle for your loving, guiding and positive energy (I could feel warmth radiate through the phone) and the messages you helped deliver from my guides!

— Nicole Stetz

What to expect

You’ll receive a photo and recording of your reading via email within 7-10 business days.

Before you ask your question…

  • Keep your questoin open-ended (can’t be answered with yes/no)
  • Detach from your desired outcome or answer
  • Be honest with yourself about your willingness to take recommended actions

How sessions flow

  • I start off with your question(s) asked by you or rephrased by me
  • I use a variety of tools for sessions, including tarot/oracle cards and crystals
  • The answers I receive come from Spirit and your inner knowing
  • I translate the message for you using my psychic Clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance)
  • I email you a photo and recording of your answer

Talk about insightful! With it being my first Oracle Reading, I was a tad bit apprehensive, but also very excited. Michelle hit the nail on the head with the reading… she definitely answered my question; confirming what I thought I knew to be true and guiding me to what I did not yet understand. Thank you, Michelle, for such a great experience and a clear message!

— Kari Driskell, Driskotech


Lisa D headshot

“It awakened inspiration and hope for moving forward.”

I had my first reading with Michelle at a time when I was feeling very disconnected from my inner voice/intuition. The reading confirmed for me what I was already feeling and it awakened inspiration and hope for moving forward with making an important life decision while staying connected to myself.  We are fortunate to have Michelle sharing her gifts with us and that she does so from a place of openness, warmth, and humility. Thank you, Michelle!

— Lisa D.

When I sit down with you, my Clairs, and a deck of divinity cards (oracle and tarot)…

My goal is to help ALIGN with your desires and soul’s path. Connecting with Spirit guides (guides, angels, supportive energy) is my forté!


  • Fortune telling
  • Spell casting or summon demons
  • Make decisions for you, like yes or no Qs (and neither will you guides)
  • Spy (share info about those I don’t have permission to read for)
  • Speak in tongues
  • Engage in fear mongering for more money
  • Continue a reading if we’re not a good fit

And, I don’t talk to dead people!

Book your session

Here are 2 easy ways to book an intuitive reading and consultation

Please note: Intuitive readings will be available via email only.

  1. Click on the Book Now link
  2. You’ll be directed to PayPal
  3. Once payment is received, you’ll be directed to a form to submit your question. Your reading will then be completed within 7-10 business days.

Please note: I adhere to a no-refund policy, but you can transfer your reading to a friend if you change your mind.

I had a wonderful and enlightening session with Michelle today. I had my “Aha” moment towards the end of my session. I feel much lighter and brighter. Time to move onward and forward. I loved how you had me tune into the answer and what felt right. You Rock!

Thank you Michelle ♡

Beth Jacobson

The Divine Goddess Healing Center

I’ve been feeling really lost, unsure of my direction and missing a sense of purpose. I needed to shift things. Today I feel lighter and more motivated to try to do things a bit differently, focusing on whether what I’m doing is ‘tuning in’ or ‘tuning out’. I am aiming for more ‘tuning in’ while recognizing that the ‘tuning out’ has been a big crutch that has had its purpose for me but is no longer serving me.




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