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Wisdom of the Moonfae Oracle Deck 

The Wisdom of the Moonfae oracle deck is infused with moon energy healing and channeled teachings. For centuries, the Moonfae have shared their knowledge with druids, shamans, mystics, and any human who strives to reconnect with their own truth and live their purpose.

Their wisdom, magic, and healing bring you in alignment with your courage, purpose, and inner knowing. Now, they share their knowledge and guidance with you.

Complete guidebook + 44 beautifully illustrated oracle cards


  • 44 oracle cards illustrated and designed by Michelle Schroer
  • Sturdy box
  • 40-page guidebook included
  • Diverse set of moon goddesses and moon wisdom


  • Easily gift this deck to a friend
  • Perfect for beginners or those who want to add to their oracle card collection
  • Powerful addition to your journalling or meditation practice
  • Great companion deck to clarify other tarot or oracle spreads
  • Playful but truthful and gets to the heart of the matter
  • The Moonfae will not let you hide from your truth

Glowing reviews about the Moonfae

Therese Lean-Smith

“I use them every morning!”

My Wisdom Of The Moonfae deck just arrived in my mailbox and I’m more in love than I thought I’d be! It was created by my beautiful friend, Michelle Schroer and these cards are da BOMB! I’ve been looking for a deck to help me sort through the craziness of my brain and help me focus and Michelle outdid herself! I adore that she diversifies the deck and has made it simple but super effective to use. My morning journal time is about to get a LOT more interesting!

Therese Lean-Smith

Therese Lean Fearlessly Fit Nation

Love the deck!!! They’re simple and to the point. My daughter also pulls cards from them too!

Erica Soria

Aurora Awakening

Just ordered my deck – looking forward to getting it!!!!

Carol C.

Grounded Nourishment

They are stunning!! So excited to start working with them.

Eveline Maedel

The Storymidwyfe's Cauldron

Can’t wait to explore my Wisdom of the Moonfae!

Bonnie Gardiner

A Brush With Words